Dr. Kumar Gaurav

Fluvial Geomorphology, Remote sensing & GIS

kgaurav@iiserb.ac.in    +91 755 269 1383, 669 1383

The group works on understanding the fluvial processes and the dynamics of sediment transport in alluvial rivers. At present the group is investigating the hydraulic geometry relationship between multiple and single thread channels. Our group is also actively involved in developing the methodology to estimate discharge in rivers using remote sensing images.


Dr. Satinder Pal Singh

Modern and Paleo-oceanography

satinder@iiserb.ac.in    +91 755 269 1377, 669 1377

The research group is actively engaged in geochemical and isotope measurements in geological and environmental samples (terrestrial and marine waters/sediments, and atmospheric dust), and use these data as proxies of various earth surface processes such as natural biogeochemical cycles and human perturbations, atmospheric and oceanic circulation, modern and past continent-climate-ocean interactions.