From the Desk of the Head

Earth is a dynamic planet whose surface is constantly modified by wind, water, earthquakes, volcanoes, and, increasingly, human activities. Its interior is also changing, as indicated by fluctuations in the strength and direction of the magnetic field and gas emissions from volcanoes. Global systems studies probe the processes that form and modify the planet, from cycling of water and human interactions, to magmatism and faulting at plate boundaries, to the recycling of plates within the convecting mantle.

Our understanding of these systems requires measurements of present-day Earth structure, as well as records of the climate, tectonics, and ocean-atmosphere coupling since Earth's formation 4.5 billion years ago. Earth and Environmental Sciences, therefore, represent the integration of chemistry, biology, and physics as applied to Earth and planetary systems.

Our dedicated faculty are engaged in research that is crucial for better understanding our planet. We are a multidisciplinary unit offering programmes that are aimed at arousing curiosity and helping build careers in EES. Currently our research strengths are in air quality management, climate change, geochemistry, structural geology, and petrology. In a short span of time the Department has acquired the infrastructure and equipment to conduct cutting-edge research. We have several state of the art facilities and equipment including class 100, 1000, and 10000 clean rooms, Multi-collector and Quadrupole ICPMS, X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers, thermal optical carbon analyzers, aerosol monitoring field equipment, and high-end petrological microscopes. Our research serves to involve our undergraduates in real-world problem solving, in addition to providing inputs that supplement our course material.

The endeavor in the coming years is to attract exceptional faculty candidates and students, who will achieve our goal by creating an outstanding learning experience in EES. I am confident that this Department at IISER Bhopal will establish itself as a leader in EES education and research in the country and across the globe. Welcome to the Department of EES at IISER Bhopal, a stimulating environment to learn about and solve problems spanning across the Earth and Environmental Systems.