The BS-MS (Dual Degree) with a 'major' in EES at IISERB is unique compared to programmes typically offered by other academic Institutions. This programme at IISER Bhopal has been designed in order to develop an understanding of the different components of Earth systems and their mutual interactions. These interactions are then placed in the context of understanding and mitigating Earth and Environmental issues. In order to achieve these objectives a suitable balance between courses that encompass both Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences are offered. From the 4th year (7th semester) onwards, students are advised to choose one of the streams for specialization, Earth Sciences or Environmental Sciences, and credit the Department Electives accordingly. If a student, however,consciously desires to take courses across the two streams, he/she will be enabled to do so.

Research Prospects

EES students interested in pursuing research will have the advantage of being prepared for an inter-disciplinary approach to research compared to the more traditional Earth and Environmental Sciences only research. Also, students conduct two semesters of project work, during which they are involved closely with the research of a particular faculty and group. This exposure of research is invaluable to students who wish to continue in the field of research and academia.

Job Prospects

For the EES students jobs can be divided into field intensive work (e.g. mining companies, oil companies, groundwater studies); laboratory intensive work and office jobs (e.g. Interpretation and modelling related to ore and mineral resources or coal beds, environmental monitoring remote sensing and GIS related jobs).

The potential organizations where students can apply are listed below: Oil companies (Shell, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Cairn India, Oil India Ltd., and others) Mining companies (Vedanta Resources, National Mineral Development Corporation, Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Hindustan Copper Ltd. and others) Gemmological Industry (International Gemmological Institute, De Beers, EGL and others) Other Government organizations (GSI, ONGC, BARC, AMD, NEERI, CPCB and others)

Students may apply for jobs in the companies listed above. In addition the Institute and the Department will participate actively in trying to get various companies to recruit students during their final year as a BS-MS major in EES. The syllabus for students majoring in EES is being built keeping in mind the requirement of students who wish to appear for competitive exams such as GSI, ONGC and AMD.


IISER Bhopal offers Ph.D programmes in EES. The application procedure and eligibility criteria are accessible online via EES students are encouraged to present their work in the form of a lecture or poster in national and international conferences. These conferences provide a networking opportunity and enable students to interact with their peers, faculty members, and researchers working in allied areas. It is expected that these interactions will fuel new collaborations.

Post Doctoral Fellows

IISER Bhopal invites applications for the positions of Postdoctoral fellows across all disciplines. Hard copy of application in the prescribed format should be sent tot he Head of the respective Departments. For details of the advertisement and application form, please fer to the Institute's website (