Dr. Arundhuti Ghatak


arundhutighatak@iiserb.ac.in    +91 755 269 1373

The group's research focuses on the application of radiogenic and non-traditional stable isotope-geochemistry, major-trace element geochemistry, mineralogy, and petrology to different aspects of Earth and environmental sciences. The group develops proxies using isotope ratios of relevant elements to study wide-ranging Earth and environmental process that range across low to high-temperatures as well as modem to geologically ancient times.


Dr. Jyotirmoy Mallik

Structural Geology, Petroleum Geology

jmallik@iiserb.ac.in    +91 755 269 1387

The group studies rock deformation and its application in hydrocarbon exploitation, active tectonics and volcanism. The research group is specialized in techniques like Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS), Analogue structural modeling, Reservoir modeling, Seismic interpretation, Fault seal analysis, Fracture analysis and modeling, Pore pressure prediction.


Dr. Pritam Nasipuri

Petrology, Phase Equilibria, Structural Geology

pritams@iiserb.ac.in    +91 755 269 1375

The group is involved in the understanding of crustal dynamics of Indian subcontinent using structural mapping, igneous -metamorphic petrology, zircon and monazite dating. The group is specialized in geological mapping, quantitative micro -structural analysis, computational phase equilibrium and thermodynamics based geochemical simulation. The group is interested for collaboration with scientists to improve the knowledge related to isotopic dating of zircon.


Dr. Vinee Srivastava

Structural Geology and neotectonics of Fold and Thrust belts and Fault zones

vinee@iiserb.ac.in    +91 755 269 1471

Our group studies deformation over geological and neotectonic deformation in compressive settings like the Himalayan fold and thrust belt, Kutch Basin and the Shillong Plateau. Our studies include the detailed architecture and kinematics of major fault/shear zones and their associated thrust sheets. We also use deformation microstructures to constrain deformation mechanisms of the rocks in these settings. These studies are also integrated with our Tectonic geomorphology studies to get integrated insights into the deformation, neotectonics and natural hazards in tectonically active regions.


Dr. Ashwani Kant Tiwari

Seismology, Seismic Anisotropy, Receiver Functions, Seismic Attenuation Tomography

aktiwari@iiserb.ac.in    +91 755 269 1477

Our group is interested in understanding the structure, evolution, deformation, and rheology of continental or oceanic crust and upper mantle. The group is particularly curious about the lithospheric structure, deformation, and rheology of the Indian subcontinent and Tibetan region. The group specialises in attenuation analysis of regional seismic phases (Lg, Pg, Pn, and Sn), receiver functions, shear wave splitting of core-refracted (e.g., SKS, SKKS, PKS) and direct-S phases, attenuation tomography, and seismic interferometry.

Dr. Angana Chaudhuri

Sedimentary processes and sediment provenance analysis. Basin evolution and classification. Palaeogeography and palaeoenvironment.

angana@iiserb.ac.in    +91 755 269 1479

Our group specialises in sedimentary basin evolution and unravelling past landforms based on sediment provenance analysis. The research involves petrography, whole-rock geochemistry, heavy mineral analysis, mineral chemistry and detrital geochronology as tools for provenance analysis apart from field correlations and paleo- drainage analysis.